Ford urges party leader meeting over Nama investigation

Alliance Leader David Ford has written to other party leaders to urge an independent investigation into allegations of corruption around Nama’s local portfolio.

Mr Ford’s letter asks the leaders of the other main parties to convene a meeting to discuss the most appropriate way to look at the allegations, the latest of which have seen a businessman at the centre of the controversy allegedly accept a series of cash payments from a developer.

“It is clear with each passing day and every new allegation in relation to this matter, the public’s trust in the political system takes another blow,” said Mr Ford.

“Only a fully independent investigation can satisfy those public concerns, while being above party politicking, and that is the action I will be advocating with the other party leaders if they wish to accept my offer.

“With allegations in relation to the Northern Ireland Nama portfolio deal continuing, there is a danger the stink of corruption will remain around politics and pollute the public perception of the Assembly for some time to come if an independent investigation does not take place immediately.”

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