Ford to meet with Chief Constable to discuss terrorism

Alliance Leader David Ford and a party delegation is planning to meet with Matt Baggott to discuss the dissident Republican terror threat, and he hailed the bravery of police officers who thwarted a murder bid against another officer in Garrison, County Fermanagh

David Ford said: “The officers who thwarted a murder bid on one of their colleagues showed courage beyond belief. Their bravery should be rewarded and their work stands in contrast to the cowardly dissident attacks on our whole society.

“We will be meeting Matt Baggott to discuss the ongoing threat posed by dissident Republicans.

“These attacks on democracy and on the lives of people here should only strengthen our determination to eradicate terrorism for good.

“Our politicians must show more leadership and stand united. Party points-scoring must end and narrow, selfish politics must give way to ensure cooperation and delivery. The best way to combat these evil elements is to isolate them further by continuing to build and strengthen our local democratic institutions.”


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