Ford: Time will tell what Robinson legacy will be

Alliance Leader David Ford has said “time will tell” what will be Peter Robinson’s legacy, after the DUP leader and First Minister announced he would be retiring from politics in the new year.

Mr Ford said Mr Robinson, who this week signed the ‘Fresh Start’ deal with Sinn Fein following recent talks, was to be commended for his role in helping the power-sharing institutions become established but warned their future was far from secure.

“Although we were not always on the same page, I tended to get on well with Mr Robinson, and applaud him for his role in helping the Assembly return in 2007 and continuing power-sharing with Sinn Fein,” said Mr Ford.

“However, despite this week’s deal being dubbed his legacy, there remains a question over whether we actually have stability in our institutions. There were no resolutions for victims, only promises on paramilitarism, parades and flags, and massive questions over the viability of the economic package included.

“Mr Robinson has also mentioned taking East Belfast back but left out the circumstances of it being due to a five-party pact which barely beat Naomi Long. Peter Robinson will not decide his own legacy but rather be judged on the delivery of what he has helped establish.

“The DUP now has several questions to answer about the state of their partnership with Sinn Fein going forward. That success of that and how it delivers for the people of Northern Ireland will be the legacy of Peter Robinson, nothing else.”

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