Ford supports call to allow medicinal cannabis

As Charlotte and Billy Caldwell set off from Castlederg to Westminster, Alliance MLA David Ford has given his support for the “Billy’s Bud” campaign to allow the prescription of medicinal cannabis oil.
David Ford said: “I have met Charlotte and discussed the benefits that Billy gained when he had cannabis oil prescribed in the USA and when he returned home. I was disturbed to hear that Billy’s GP had been told he could no longer write prescriptions for a treatment which appeared to have significantly benefitted Billy.
“It is time for the Home Office to consider the real medical needs of a small number of adults and children across the UK and allow what some people to be a life-saving drug. I hope that senior people in the Home Office will be willing to look at the facts and not prejudge the issue.
“This campaign has nothing to do with a different campaign about the decriminalisation of drugs. It is about providing the best possible treatment to improve the quality of life for individuals for whom modified cannabis oil has been shown to be beneficial.”
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