Ford – Sinn Fein have undermined efforts to deliver economic growth

Alliance Leader David Ford has said that the decision of Sinn Fein to threaten the Stormont House Agreement has damaged our ability to attract investment from America.

David Ford MLA said: “Every year, Northern Ireland politicians and businesses have unrivalled access to American political and business leaders during St Patrick’s Day celebrations, but our reputation has been severely damaged by the shambles created by Sinn Fein.

“I do not know how we can claim that our economic and political systems are stable when the institutions are under serious threat following the U-turn from Sinn Fein, which was backed by the SDLP and Green Party.

“At a time when Northern Ireland should be lauded for the progress made in the Stormont House talks, instead American leaders will be voicing concerns about the latest crisis.

“It is simply not credible for Sinn Fein to claim that they were unaware that the welfare measures were temporary – everybody involved in the talks understood what the agreement contained.

“They claim that they have done this to protect the vulnerable but the consequences of their decision will mean that all our public services may face deeper cuts if the budget is altered.”


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