Ford says Wilson should withdraw and apologise for jobs comments

Alliance Leader David Ford has called on Sammy Wilson to withdraw his ‘job priority for locals’ comments and apologise for the remarks. Pressure is growing within the media for Mr Wilson to make a full apology as a wide range of groups are criticising his comments.

David Ford said: “Sammy Wilson must withdraw his comments and apologise for them immediately. His comments have brought shame on Northern Ireland. What kind of message do they send to the businesses around the world that we are trying to attract here to provide jobs and boost our economy.

“Just because his party cannot make the economy work, he should not resort to remarks like this.

“He should apologise to people from around the world living here as they contribute much to society and to the economy.

“This was typical knee-jerk Sammy Wilson stuff. He must with withdraw his remarks and apologise immediately before they bring more shame on Northern Ireland.”


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