Ford says Tories must end link if UUP say no to deal tomorrow

Alliance Leader David Ford has said that if the Ulster Unionists say no to the Hillsborough deal tomorrow the Tories will have to end the link with them if they want to retain any credibility on Northern Ireland.

David Ford said: “If the UUP vote no on the agreement then the Tories face no option but to end the link with them to save what credibility they have left on Northern Ireland.

“If the Tories allow this sham marriage to continue after a no vote, they will demonstrate a total lack of principle and leadership.

“This supposed coalition gets weaker by the hour. David Cameron wishes to be seen as a prospective Prime Minister. If he has no influence over his allies in Northern Ireland, how can the public ever see him as a future leader of the United Kingdom?

“If the UUP vote no to the deal, they might get headlines for a day but will lose the support of many voters who want to see the Assembly delivering.”


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