Ford says to Paisley – I will meet you if you want some real ideas

Following the First Minister’s call on Tuesday for Alliance to share their ideas on new legislation with him, Alliance Leader David Ford has written to him to invite him to arrange a meeting. Mr Ford said that given the total lack of innovation and direction in the Executive’s plans, he is looking forward to Mr Paisley’s response to his letter.

Opposition Leader David Ford said: “Following Ian Paisley’s call for us to share our plans for Northern Ireland with him, I have written to him to offer to meet him.

“This week in the Assembly chamber, the First Minister challenged me and my colleague Stephen Farry to ‘open up our cupboards and share the goodies’.

“Everyone has seen that Alliance means business and many are asking serious questions about the capability of this Executive to run the country. Judging by the poor quality of their plans, they could do with all the help they can get. Now that the devolution day hype is a dim and distant memory local people are realizing that the Executive are doing next to nothing to deliver real improvements in their everyday lives.

“Alliance has put forward a significant number of innovative and positive proposals for legislation. I would be only too happy to act on Mr Paisley’s request and give him further ideas. It would appear that the Executive need our assistance because their plans are extremely flimsy despite the fact that they appointed special advisors paid by the public purse since last November. The ball is now in Ian Paisley’s court and I look forward to hearing from him regarding this matter.”


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