Ford says there can be two Alliance Ministers in government if you vote for change

Alliance Leader David Ford has said people can deliver two Alliance Ministers at the heart of government if they vote for change on 5 May.

David Ford said: “Alliance offers positive politics and solutions. We have delivered stability within the Executive and reform of the justice system. By voting Alliance on 5 May you can deliver a second Alliance Minister in the Executive. Just think of the positive difference an Alliance Minister would make in health or education.

“We have a clear vision for a future free from division and we have the policies to drive an economic revolution in Northern Ireland.

“Many people are disillusioned with politics in Northern Ireland and my message to them is if you do different, you will get different. Look at what people power achieved in East Belfast last year when Naomi Long was elected MP for the area. Look at the impact people changing their approach had.

“Alliance is the party of change. We offer fresh ideas and we are moving Northern Ireland forward away from the politics of the past. People are fed up hearing the other parties debating irrelevant points rather than dealing with the real issues.

“If you want better government, if you want change, Alliance is the party that leads the way.”


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