Ford says Springfarm must remain a shared estate

Alliance Leader David Ford has welcomed an assurance that the shared ethos of Antrim’s Springfarm estate will be maintained after plans are announced to sell of 59 dwellings there, and said he is pleased at the response from the Housing Executive.

Local MLA David Ford said: “Springfarm estate is a shared space and is a proud and welcoming place for everyone. Much good work has been done within the estate in recent times and with news that 59 properties are to be sold in the area, I sought assurances that measures will be taken to ensure the estate will remain a shared neighbourhood.

“I was concerned that a developer buying all these properties might not agree to promote the ethos of a shared estate; however, I am pleased with the response I received from the Housing Executive and am satisfied that the excellent work done on creating this shared area should not be impacted upon by this housing sell-off. The Housing Executive say they will consider the maintenance of the shared neighbourhood when assessing bids for developers.

“Springfarm has set an excellent example for other estates across Northern Ireland and I am glad this will continue to be a shared neighbourhood in future.”


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