Ford says Speaker Martin was right to resign

Alliance Leader David Ford has said the House of Commons’ Speaker, Michael Martin, was right to resign and said that MPs must overhaul the expenses system urgently and do all they can to rebuild public confidence in politics.

David Ford said: “I am glad that the Speaker has done the right thing and stepped down.

“Michael Martin had seriously misjudged the public mood on this issue and he had to go in order to demonstrate that Westminster is serious about making the changes that are urgently needed on expenses.

“While this expenses issue does not apply to Stormont itself, the actions of some MPs have tarnished the reputation of all politicians.

“The expenses issue has destroyed public confidence in politics. People are rightly outraged over some of the claims that have been revealed in recent days. Politicians must now overhaul this failing system and do all they can to start restoring public confidence in the politics.”


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