Ford says SDLP and UUP supporters can deliver change by voting Alliance

Alliance Leader David Ford has called on previous SDLP and UUP supporters to vote for his party, saying that Alliance now has momentum along with a vision for change that those parties have lost.

David Ford said: “Our movement for change is growing and I am calling on previous SDLP and Ulster Unionist voters to help lead change by voting Alliance on 5 May.

“It is clear to see that of these three parties only Alliance has momentum, with Naomi Long’s success in East Belfast and the impact we are making at the heart of the Stormont Executive.

“Many of those who vote for the UUP and SDLP want positive politics, just like Alliance voters do. However, the SDLP and the UUP leaderships have been particularly negative in their approach in recent times and I believe many will find a happier home with Alliance.

“Alliance is the party of solutions. Tackling division is our top priority. Others merely talk about this important issue but if you want a strong commitment to save £1billion every year by ending segregation, Alliance is the party that will deliver.

“In East Belfast last May, people demonstrated more strongly than has been seen in many years here that change is possible. Naomi Long is proof of that change. There can be even more good news stories this year if SDLP and UUP voters come to us.

“The opportunities for change are clear across Northern Ireland. Alliance is the party of a shared, better future and on 5 May you can make a difference by voting Alliance.”


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