Ford says resolve Aer Lingus dispute quickly for good of International Airport

Alliance Leader and South Antrim MLA David Ford has called on Aer Lingus and pilots’ union Impact to have discussions urgently to quickly resolve problems over pay. He said that the two parties should resolve the matter speedily to ensure that there will be no detrimental effect on Belfast International Airport. Aer Lingus last week announced that they are to create 100 jobs at Aldergrove.

David Ford said: “We need to see a quick resolution to these industrial issues. A key concern is that this potential action and the negative publicity surrounding it may have a detrimental effect on Belfast International Airport.

“The people of the South Antrim area deserve the opportunities that the Aer Lingus move will bring both economically and infrastructurally. Many jobs will be provided locally and this development will strengthen the case for the extension of the railway to Aldergrove.

I would urge Aer Lingus and Impact to sit down together and have serious discussions to resolve this matter quickly.”


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