Ford says “Public should rely on IMC to judge criminal activity”

Commenting on reports that a senior Police Officer believes that the IRA is still engaging in criminal activity, despite the statements of the Security Minister, Alliance Leader David Ford says that the public will have to rely on the IMC.

David Ford said: “It now seems that Ministers will soon deny that any criminal act is linked to the IRA just as quickly as other Ministers used to say that particular crimes were not ‘breaches of the ceasefire’.

“Confidence that we are moving to a normal society cannot be built on such shaky foundations. The public needs to know the truth. If that is that paramilitary criminal activity is decreasing, but still continuing, people need the facts.

“In the past, government spin doctors have sought to put the most positive gloss on IMC reports. Ministers have failed to take recommended sanctions against paramilitaries.

“I believe that the truth on current IRA activity or lack or activity will emerge when the IMC report is published in early February. I urge the people of Northern Ireland to read the report in full and treat the advance government spin with considerable scepticism.”


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