Ford says PPS 21 is ‘reasonable attempt to stop free-for-all’

Alliance Leader David Ford has described the new draft PPS 21 as a reasonable attempt by the Department of Environment to stand up to political pressures demanding an effective free-for-all on house building.

David Ford said: “The Department of Environment was facing huge pressures from politicians determined to continue the free-for-all on rural house building. This draft document is a good attempt to stop that.

“Those of us who supported thrust of PPS 14 recognised that it didn’t cater for some different family circumstances. I welcome the policy addressing this matter, though I believe that there should be a greater emphasis on the integration of housing for family members within the existing building cluster.

“I am concerned that the idea of planning permission on farms being granted for a new dwelling every ten years will be too relaxed, especially when you consider the number of permissions granted in the last ten years. There is a strong case for making this retrospective.

“The rules for replacement dwellings also need to be tightened, in particular I believe we must ensure that derelict buildings do not become the route to an excessive number of houses.”


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