Ford says parties need to get down to agreeing justice programme

Alliance Leader David Ford has welcomed the fact that good progress is being made in agreeing the budget for a Department of Justice. He said that attention must now turn to agreeing a policy programme for the Department between all the major parties to stop the Department facing the same failings as the Executive has.

David Ford said: “While it’s welcome that good progress is being made on the justice budget, we now need to see work begin between all the main parties to agree a policy programme.

“If no programme is agreed then the Department of Justice will end up as dysfunctional as some current departments.

“The DUP and Sinn Fein must learn from the mistakes of the past and agree a programme with all main parties to ensure delivery within this new department. It does not matter which party the future Justice Minister comes from – what matters is that the Department delivers for people in Northern Ireland right from the start.”


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