Ford says Paisley Jnr should now resign as MLA

Following the resignation of Ian Paisley Jnr, Alliance Leader David Ford has said that just because he has left Ministerial Office, the DUP cannot escape the important questions they still have to answer. He also said that Mr Paisley should resign as an MLA.

David Ford said: “Ian Paisley Jnr’s ministerial resignation does not mean that the DUP can escape answering vital questions.

“His actions are a reflection of the whole DUP. This episode raises serious questions about the leadership of the party.

“The DUP claims to be the defender of the ratepayer, but two of their North Antrim members use taxpayers’ money as if there was no tomorrow when it comes to constituency offices.

“Ian Paisley Jnr’s behaviour has severely damaged the credibility of the Executive. However, the questions being asked relate to his behaviour as an MLA. This would suggest that he must resign as an MLA too.”


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