Ford says other parties need to stop and think over power-sharing

Alliance Leader David Ford has said other parties need to “stop and think” before jeopardising the power-sharing institutions permanently.

Mr Ford added Alliance was exploring options regarding the future of the Assembly, saying a calm atmosphere was needed in which to conduct talks aimed at resolving the current crisis at Stormont.

“We must be wary that there is still an ongoing police investigation and there have been no charges brought to anyone arrested in connection with the murder of Kevin McGuigan,” he said.

“Whilst the potential implications from these latest arrests would be grave, it is vital no-one acts based on just speculation and not facts.

“Alliance is exploring a number of options regarding the future of the Assembly in order to allow parties to take a step back and participate in talks in a calm manner. That will allow the urgent necessary work to take place so we can both reach a political solution to this crisis and permit the police investigation to continue.”

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