Ford says only Alliance passes the shared future test

Alliance Leader David Ford has today outlined the ten key principles of a shared future. He said that while others pay lip service to community relations, only Alliance passes the shared future test. He set out the ten points at an Alliance event at Hazelwood Integrated Primary School in North Belfast today.

David Ford said: “Change is the theme of the Alliance Party’s campaign for the elections on the 5th of May. One of the key areas where we’ve led change during that time has been moving Northern Ireland towards a shared future.

“For over forty years we have refused to accept that our society must be divided. We have refused to accept that we must live separately, work separately, socialise separately and educate our children separately.

“Politicians from other parties increasingly say they are committed to a shared future. But what do they mean? Are they prepared to take the really bold steps needed to deliver a shared future?

“Today we have set out exactly what we mean when we talk about a shared future. We have set out ten actions that we believe are the test of any party’s commitment to a genuinely shared future for everyone in Northern Ireland.

“Creating shared spaces, integrating our education system and developing more mixed housing will transform Northern Ireland’s future. It’s time for zero tolerance of illegal and inappropriate flags and emblems that tell some people they are not welcome, and it’s time to stop labelling our elected representatives in a way that discriminates against those who vote for change.

“We need to tackle the cost of running a divided society, and commit resources to help communities remove so-called “peace walls”. We also need to deliver laws and strategies that will ensure equality for all, help us deal with our past, and improve community relations.

“These are the steps we need to take to create a truly shared future. They are things that our community needs, and they are things that people want. Commitment to these actions is the test of whether any party is committed to a genuinely shared future. Alliance is the party of a shared future. We pass the test, but other parties simply do not.”


Here are the ten points in the Alliance Shared Future Test:

Integrating education

Mixed housing

Shared space

Tackling flags

Removing ‘peacewalls’

‘No’ to Assembly designations

Tackling the cost of division

Equality for all

A strong voice for community relations

Dealing with the legacy of the past

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