Ford says only Alliance can make it work

Alliance Leader David Ford has called on people to vote Alliance tomorrow to send out the strongest message that Northern Ireland in moving forward. He said that all the tribal parties have done is cost the taxpayers a million pounds on special advisers and deliver the failed politics of the past.

David Ford said: “Only Alliance will deliver genuine power sharing and a shared future. The tribal parties failed miserably when they had their chance to deliver. Alliance works, tribal politics doesn’t.

“In recent years the tribal parties have cost the taxpayer one million pounds on special advisers and they could not even deliver coherent manifestos, never mind a shared future and stable devolution.

“The only things that the UUP, SDLP, Sinn Fein and the DUP have delivered are rates rises, tap tax and crumbling infrastructures.

“Unlike other parties, Alliance’s candidates genuinely reflect the true nature of society today. Only Alliance represents everyone.

“On the doorsteps, people are telling us that the tribal parties have had their chance. Its time for a change. Alliance is the real alternative for local people.

“We have set out radical plans to improve services for local people. Only the Alliance Party can deliver 1 billion savings for Northern Ireland. The other parties have made no effort to balance the books in their manifestos. They are content make unrealistic wishlists and put out the begging bowl to London and Dublin. Local people deserve better than this.

“Send out the strongest message that Northern Ireland is moving together into an era of peace and prosperity – vote Alliance.”


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