Ford says MPs must vote for transparency on expenses

Alliance Leader David Ford has called on MPs to vote tomorrow to allow the public to see details of their expenses. On 16 May last year, the High Court ruled that this information should be released under the Freedom of Information Act, but it is feared that MPs are planning to vote against this disclosure.

David Ford said: “It’s time that there was transparency on MPs’ expenses. MPs simply have to do the right thing in this Westminster vote. It would be a scandal were they not to do so.

“On 16 May last year, the High Court ruled that MPs must provide full disclosure of their expenses. MPs are duty-bound and now legally-bound to full transparency. They should not be allowed to overturn this important ruling.

“MPs should not be beyond scrutiny. Freedom of Information relates to every aspect of our society, why should it be any different for MPs?

“Politicians have to do all they can to restore the public’s faith in their activities. I hope MPs will respond positively to the public’s call for openness on their expenses. If not, they will greatly damage accountability and democracy in the UK.”


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