Ford says MLAs must accept that agreement is essential for peace process

Alliance Leader David Ford has said that those who do not want a justice deal at this time must realise that a deal is essential to cement the peace process.

David Ford said: “People have to realise that an agreed deal is absolutely vital to protect peace in Northern Ireland and to ensure the political system works.

“Some parties will always have a few problems getting their hardliners to sign up but this must not dictate the pace of essential progress. Petty victories for one party or another will all be forgotten if the peace process collapses because of selfishness.

“At this time, every MLA needs to think about what is best for Northern Ireland , not for their narrow party agenda. That’s why Alliance has been working to ensure any Justice Minister, irrespective of party, can deliver right from the start and that a stronger strategy is put in place to build a shared future.”


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