Ford says it is time to end ‘go-slow’ politics as Alliance launches candidates

Alliance Leader David Ford has said it is time to end “go-slow” politics and deliver an Assembly people want to see, as he unveiled his party’s candidates for the forthcoming election.

Speaking at the candidate launch event at the Radisson Hotel in South Belfast, Mr Ford said his party’s prospective MLAs truly reflected the rich diversity of Northern Ireland, with them pledging to bring the change needed to move Stormont forward faster.

“We are 18 years after the Good Friday Agreement and yet the pace of change has never been slower,” he said.

“People are frustrated of being held back by the politics of fear and division, with parties squabbling and bickering instead of making the progress the vast majority want. Alliance’s candidates are different – they will be the MLAs people want to see.

“MLAs who reflect the diversity of the modern Northern Ireland, with the desire to effect change. They will live up to the track record already established by Alliance in the previous mandate – one of being transparent in our politics, committed to the rule of law, inclusive of all and ambitious of the kind of Northern Ireland we know we can help make a reality.”

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