Ford says IMC Report is massive wake up-call

Alliance Leader David Ford has said that the latest independent Monitoring Commission Report is a massive wake-up call to politicians in Northern Ireland on the need for justice to be devolved as soon as possible.

David Ford said: “This is a wake-up call to all politicians in Northern Ireland.

“It’s clear that the devolution of justice is being held up by rows between the DUP and Sinn Fein, and it’s clear from the IMC report that we cannot afford such delays.

“It’s up to the two largest parties to resolve their differences and show they can co-operate on supporting the institutions of justice and building a genuinely shared future..

“Alliance has made it clear that we will be constructive and we want find to the widest possible agreement on the policies to be implemented be the future Department, irrespective of which party any Minister would come from.”


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