Ford says Executive is in crisis after failure to meet for over a month

Alliance Leader David Ford has hit out at the Stormont Executive for their failure to meet since the 19 June. He said this meant that the country’s decision makers are effectively doing no work.

David Ford said: “The Executive is in crisis. Why has it not met since the middle of June? There are many important issues like the 11-plus and the multi-sports stadium that have been parked with no sign of progress in the near future.

“A cloud hangs over Stormont and the Executive’s consistent failure on a wide range of issue will do nothing to lift it.

“Is this an acceptable way to govern? The public will want answers as to why the Executive has not met over the summer. This is simply a disgrace.

“Supposedly, DUP and Sinn Fein Ministers are working on some of the most serious problems. However, there are a range of issues in every department which need Executive agreement. Every aspect of Government is suffering delays.

“This Executive has much work to do. They have not started ending segregation, which costs Northern Ireland £1 billion every year. They have failed to start re-balancing the economy to make it stronger and more private-sector driven. They have also failed to deliver better and more sustainable services.

“Does the Stormont Executive think it’s acceptable to have a stalemate over the summer? The Executive was bad enough when it was at work. This summer’s lack of work casts even more doubt over their ability to govern Northern Ireland.”


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