Ford says European Arrest Warrant essential for north-south justice

Alliance MLA David Ford has said the European Arrest Warrant is essential for north-south justice, after the EU warned the UK will be kicked out of the system following Brexit.

EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier said the warrant would be removed from the UK, instead having a streamlined extradition process.

“The European Arrest Warrant is an essential component of north-south justice, being a crucial part of combating terrorism on both sides of the border,” said Mr Ford.

“Alliance warned before the Brexit referendum of the dangers a result in favour of leaving the EU would bring regarding the future of the warrant and now we are seeing that play out. As Justice Minister, I saw first-hand the way in which security co-operation was largely based on European legislation and we can’t underestimate the effect the European Arrest Warrant has in tackling the challenges posed.

“The Conservatives claim to be a party of law and order but through their actions, they are putting in danger one of the key aspects of maintaining that law and order in Northern Ireland. Our security cannot be risked in pursuit of Brexit.”

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