Ford says East Belfast voters can make history

Alliance Leader David Ford has said people in East Belfast have the chance to make history by continuing to take the constituency forward with Naomi Long, instead of allowing it to go back with the DUP.

Mr Ford said the clear momentum was with Alliance candidate Mrs Long, as more and more people declared they would be backing her on election day.

“There is a simple choice on May 7th – the positive politics of Naomi Long with her desire to work for everyone in East Belfast regardless of their background, or the politics of fear from the DUP, with their divisive approach to our society,” he said.

“No other candidate has the experience Naomi has, whether in Council, the Assembly or excellently serving the people of East Belfast for the past five years as a successful MP. The DUP may have believed they had the constituency carved up with the Robinson Pact but the sheer number of people indicating they will be voting for Naomi means the momentum is with her.

“In 2010, the people of East Belfast made history when they voted for tolerance, respect and equality. Now in 2015, they can do it again and confirm the area once and for all as being for everyone, where people have moved away from tribal outlooks to a truly shared future.”


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