Ford says damaging payoff could sink Eames-Bradley report

Alliance Leader David Ford has said that the outrage rightly felt at plans for a £12,000 payment to all victims of the troubles could sink the report from the Consultative Group on the Past.

David Ford said: “This is an extremely emotive issue. Many will feel that the £12,000 payout plan has damaged the Consultative Group’s report beyond repair. Rather than comforting victims, news of this payment has outraged many. You simply cannot put a price on justice. I notice that opposition to this proposal has come from all sections of the community, including relations of police officers and of IRA members.

“It is being said that there should be no hierarchy of victims. In fact, there is no hierarchy of suffering, but there is a hierarchy of circumstance.

“There appears to be many positive recommendations in the report: however, the story regarding payouts is totally undermining the good work of the Commission.”


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