Ford says Alliance has most diverse candidates in Assembly election

As nominations today closed for the Assembly elections, Alliance Leader David Ford said he believes that Alliance has the most diverse group of candidates out of all the parties running for the Assembly. Alliance is running 22 candidates for the Assembly and has candidates standing in every constituency.

David Ford said: “We have a very strong slate of candidates in the forthcoming election and I am confident that we can make significant gains in the Assembly.

“I believe we have by far the most diverse group of Assembly candidates out of all the parties in Northern Ireland. Our candidates are reflective of the new Northern Ireland.

“People and society has changed, but many of the other political parties have been left standing still, focusing on the politics of the past. Alliance, however, is leading change for a shared society and many people from all backgrounds are joining our movement for change.

“We are running in every constituency and we work for everyone. Our candidates match the modern society we live in and I believe there will be a big Alliance team in the Assembly following the elections.”


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