Ford regrets ‘negative’ Forsythe


Councilllor David Ford, Alliance Spokesman for South Antrim, has described the attitude of Clifford Forsythe MP to the Talks process as ‘regrettable’ and negative’.

David Ford said:

“I was surprised to read the reports of the letter apparently written by Mr Forsythe a couple of weeks ago. Surprised, because he has taken no part at all in the current talks Process since it began under the Chairmanship of Peter Brooke when he was Secretary of State back in 1991.

“It is hard to see why Mr Forsythe is moved to comment at this time, but his negative comments are most regrettable.

“The Talks Process Is a serious one. Difficult decisions have to be taken. There is no doubt that the two Governments are committed to the process.

“Talk of pulling out at this time is playing into the hands of Sinn Fein. Were the Unionists to leave the Talks table, the image of Republicans would undoubtedly be enhanced. Is this what Unionists want?

“Alliance wants to see all parties engaged in serious Talks, seeking to each agreement under the rules of sufficient consensus. That means the more moderate parties on each side coming together with the non-sectarian centre to build a new agreement.

“We do not need extremists posturing from each side.”


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