Ford questions point of DUP in-out Ministerial policy

Alliance Leader David Ford has welcomed the DUP’s resumption of Ministerial duties but said nearly six weeks of important Executive business has now been missed thanks to the party’s actions.

Mr Ford was speaking following the DUP’s announcement today (Tuesday) its Ministers would return to their posts in the wake of a report on paramilitary activity.

He said the most vulnerable in society had suffered while the DUP Ministers performed their ‘in-out’ activities.

“This week, the Assembly passed an Alliance motion stating the DUP was breaching the Pledge of Office for Ministers by abdicating its Ministerial responsibilities. It showed the level of opposition and disgust toward the party’s policy, which did nothing but hurt the public thanks to the growing list of key pieces of legislation that sat on their desks during their absences.

“Whilst I welcome the DUP Ministers returning to their posts, the question needs to be asked as to what was the point of their exploits over the past six weeks. This was a period of time in which important Ministerial business could have taken place.

“This farcical, now you see them, now you don’t approach will be looked back upon with the derision it deserves. The DUP now need to prove they are committed, get back to work and engage seriously in the talks to help resolve the issues.”

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