Ford outrage at Randalstown car bomb

Alliance Leader David Ford MLA has expressed his outrage at those who left a bomb underneath a car on the Milltown Road in Randalstown. The bomb exploded at 06:30am on Friday, one man who is a police officer, was in the car at the time and has been taken to hospital with unknown injuries.

David Ford MLA, who represents the local area, said: “I am appalled at this murderous attack. The people behind this bomb have no policy and strategy except to cause death and disruption.

“It is absolutely despicable that someone who works to protect the public has been subject to such a sickening attack on his life.

“I am outraged that a very small number of people still believe that using violence will achieve anything. They are seeking to drag us backwards into the dark days of the troubles.

“The community will need to stand united, just as the community stood united following the murders nearby at Masserine barracks last year. I am confident that the community will do so.

“I would urge anybody who has any information about this attack to contact the police. These people must be stopped to allow this country to continue to live in peace.”


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