Ford: May has tough job ahead

Alliance Leader David Ford has said Theresa May has a tough job ahead, as he congratulated her on her appointment as Prime Minister on Wednesday.

David Ford MLA said: “I congratulate Theresa May to her elevation to Prime Minister and offer her the best wishes of the Alliance Party for the many challenges that lie ahead.

“She can be under no illusion that she faces a mammoth task ahead, with Brexit negotiations set to dominate her term in office – a move rejected by the distinct political entity of Northern Ireland. In what is set to be a crowded agenda, we must ensure our voice is heard and it is important she gives an early indication that she is alert to the special context that we have.

“Given the particular circumstance around her appointment as Prime Minister and the radically changed circumstances since the General Election last year, there is now a requirement on her to seek her own mandate, allowing her to make the series of decisions that will now determine the future of the UK for decades to come with sound political backing.”

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