Ford: M2 widening scheme is wrong road to go down

ALLIANCE South Antrim Assembly member and Party Leader David Ford has said that proposals to widen the M2 motorway will make it more dangerous and simply transfer congestion problems to other parts of the network.

Speaking after Roads Service announced it would be holding an exhibition on the motorway-widening scheme at Valley leisure Centre, Newtownabbey, at the height of the holiday season (4-9pm July 29/29 and August 18/19), Mr Ford stated:

“I have written to Roads Service requesting that they hold additional exhibition days in September, as it has unfortunately been arranged at a peak summer period when most people will be away on holidays and numbers likely to be low.

“It is important that the public gets as much information as possible about the M2 widening proposals, as it will affect a great many people. No doubt some will be concerned about potential threats to their houses, gardens and Valley Park, so I would encourage people to come along.

“I really do not believe that widening the M2 will lead to easing congestion on our roads in the long term. My fear is that widening the motorway will make it more dangerous, cost a fortune and simply move the Sandyknowes traffic jam to Greencastle.

“Investment in public transport would be much more useful and better for the environment. Planning to widen motorways in the faint hope that this will not attract even more traffic is going down the wrong road.”

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