Ford looks forward to General Election

Speaking after the Prime Minister announced the General Election date as May 5, Alliance Leader David Ford said:

“This election is the people’s chance to give their verdict on the right way forward for Northern Ireland.

“Everyone is frustrated that so little progress has occurred in recent years. Both unionist parties and both nationalist parties have been given plenty of opportunities, but have failed to deliver. The people have been betrayed by the men of violence, and the political hardliners.

“Alliance offers an alternative way forward. We have a clear and coherent plan to reform the Agreement, to restore devolution, and to create an effective form of power-sharing government, without giving anyone a veto over progress.

“Only Alliance has a credible alternative vision for Northern Ireland. A vision of a united community, not one in which we just aspire to manage divisions.

“The other four parties have all let down the people of Northern Ireland. This time, I urge everyone who shares our vision to cast a positive vote for Alliance.”

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