Ford: Irresponsibility must end with renewed determination for talks to deliver

Alliance Leader David Ford has backed calls for all-party talks to resume in September, adding all parties must be prove their determination to safeguard Northern Ireland’s future.

The move comes after Secretary of State Theresa Villiers and new Irish Foreign Minister Charlie Flanagan called for talks to resume earlier today and follows Unionist representatives abandoning planned talks earlier this summer.

David Ford MLA said: “Alliance has always been clear – Northern Ireland will only succeed in building a stable future by finding lasting solutions to deal with flags, parades and the past. Alliance is ready and serious about delivering real change for everyone in Northern Ireland.

“The so-called graduated response by Unionists earlier this summer has done nothing but stall and disrupt any chance Northern Ireland has to move forward. Alliance has always recognised the importance of the parades issue, but believes this must be addressed alongside flags and the past – only by comprehensively dealing with all three issues will we begin to build the truly shared future everyone here deserves.

“This will only be achieved through intensive talks, with open and honest dialogue the only tool we need. Rather than continuing to act irresponsibly, Unionists must return to the table with dedication and determination to deliver. The victims of Northern Ireland’s troubled history deserve nothing less.”

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