Ford horrified by utterly irresponsible actions of DUP and UUP

Alliance Leader, David Ford MLA, has criticised the decision of the DUP and UUP to withdraw from the all-party talks following the decision of the Parades Commission to place restrictions on an Orange Order parade in North Belfast.

David Ford MLA said: “I am horrified and disgusted by the utterly irresponsible and disgraceful decision of the DUP and UUP to withdraw from the all-party talks. In doing so, they will inevitably escalate tensions over parading.

“The only response to a Parades Commission ruling is to accept it as the lawful determination. Leaders should use any influence they have to ensure parades and protests are both lawful and peaceful, and not by words or actions, raise tensions.

“These talks were never about one parade this summer, they were about agreeing to change the legislation for future years as well as dealing with flags and finding a means of dealing with the past which provides victims with justice and truth.

“Unionists made a number of demands for these talks to take place, but this development has shown that both the DUP and UUP were never committed to doing a deal in these talks. They need to admit that they are not able to demonstrate the required leadership to resolve these issues.

“By walking out of talks where we could have agreed to a process to deal with the legacy of the past, the DUP and UUP have let down the victims that they often claim they are working for.”


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