Ford helps unveil new police video campaign

Alliance Justice Minister David Ford has helped unveil a new campaign showing the human face of police officers.

The Police Federation of Northern Ireland’s #WeAreYou initiative is made up of three short films which will be screened in cinemas and streamed on social media platforms. The films show the pressures faced by officers as they combine the challenges of their job with everyday problems.

Mr Ford spoke at a reception at Parliament Buildings today (Tuesday), where the three films were given their first public showing.

“These films are stark and thought-provoking. They illustrate the daily challenges faced by officers who leave their homes to confront situations that demand courage and split-second decision-making.

“For many people the day ahead may be mapped out and generally routine, but our police officers can never be quite sure what they will have to face when they go to work. They serve the community while at the same time balancing the everyday life pressures and problems that we all have to deal with.

“These brave officers are parents, spouses, children, siblings, friends and neighbours. I urge people to look beyond the uniform and give them the respect and understanding they deserve. I commend the Federation for making these short films and would strongly encourage people to watch them and think seriously about their message.”

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