Ford ‘greatly concerned’ after severe damage caused to wildlife

Alliance MLA David Ford has said he is ‘greatly concerned’ over reports serious damage has been caused to a local birds’ habitat.

Police have revealed they have launched an investigation after part of the Hydepark Dam, located outside Mallusk, was destroyed; leaving a number of swan eggs exposed and fears the unhatched birds will have perished.

David Ford MLA said: “While we need to establish exactly what happened here, what is clear is that there has been serious damage caused to local wildlife.

“Protecting our environment is one of the greatest challenges of our time and this incident proves yet again the devastating impact man can have with ill-thought out decisions.

“NIEA officials were at the scene yesterday and I welcome that they took the time to listen to local concerns. I hope this leads to an enquiry and I will be liaising with them going forward to help establish the facts.

“I will be monitoring what happens next as we must ensure this doesn’t happen again. Our environment is too precious to take for granted.”

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