Ford fulminates over fake flags

ALLIANCE South Antrim Assembly member David Ford has called for flags recently put up around Templepatrick roundabout to be removed.

The Alliance leader said: “Most people in Templepatrick do not want any flags up, but are prepared to tolerate some if they are taken down quickly after the ‘Twelfth’ celebrations, before they turn to rags on lampposts.

“What I find strange this year is that the national flags being put up in Templepatrick are not proper flags at all. They are instead made-up cheap imitations of the Union flag, with the result that both nationalists and unionists are offended by their presence.

“If the purpose of putting up Union flags is at least partly out of respect to it and to the UK, then those behind these flags have failed on both counts. Many unionists I speak to are often embarrassed by the fact that Union flags are regularly flown upside down in public places, as this is actually a signal of distress at sea.

“However, to find that Union flags are being made from pieces of patchwork will anger those who believe national flags deserve to be flown with respect. I would hope that these ones in particular are removed swiftly, as their poorer condition means they are likely to deteriorate even more quickly than paid-for flags, and lead to even more complaints from across the community.”

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