Ford disappointed no other leaders have responded to Nama request

Alliance Leader David Ford MLA has said he is disappointed no other party leaders have responded to his request for a meeting to discuss the best way forward on the Nama scandal.

Mr Ford wrote to the leaders of Stormont’s other main parties two weeks ago urging an independent investigation into allegations of corruption around the organisation’s local portfolio. His letter asked the other leaders to meet and discuss the most appropriate way to deal with the series of allegations around the matter.

“The ongoing Nama scandal and allegations relating to it is one of the biggest blows to public confidence in local politics,” he said.

“Therefore it is disappointing no other leaders have responded yet to my request to meet and discuss the matter and how we can best deal with it. I believe only a fully independent investigation, above party politicking, can resolve the issue fully.

“I reiterate my call for the other party leaders to meet together and help create a resolution to the Nama matter. Only by doing so can we remove the whiff of corruption surrounding local politics.”

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