Ford demands an end to paramilitary-related crime

Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has demanded a permanent end to all paramilitary-related crime on the day that the House of Commons Northern Ireland Affairs Committee released a report condemning continuing paramilitary organised crime.

David Ford stated: “This report clearly adds to concerns that people have that the past has not fully been put behind us. The report underlines the level of serious organised crime being carried out by paramilitary groups, from armed robbery to smuggling and human trafficking. This ongoing paramilitary activity is abhorrent and must be stopped immediately.

“These activities severely harm the economy of Northern Ireland and also destabilise the peace process. Northern Ireland should be projecting a positive image to the world in order to attract foreign investment; however, the activity outlined in this report damages people’s perception of the region.

“The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee is not the determining body in relation to paramilitary activity, but its findings emphasise the importance of a full and detailed report on these matters from the International Monitoring Commission.

“An honest response from government and from all of the political parties to the next IMC report is necessary, if we are to move forward towards a peaceful society.”


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