Ford criticises Trevor Clarke on Logue threat comments

Alliance Leader David Ford has criticised remarks made by Trevor Clarke on threats to Antrim Councillor Cllr Annmarie Logue. DUP Councillor Trevor Clarke had said in the Antrim Guardian, ‘some of the things she has come out with over the summer months have been quite provocative, and has no doubt motivated such actions against her’.

South Antrim MLA David Ford said: “I acknowledge that Cllr Clarke did condemn the threats to Cllr Logue. However, his subsequent comments ‘explaining’ why the threats arose could all too easily be interpreted as an excuse for such threats.

“I would call on Cllr Clarke and his colleagues to be more careful with their language in future.

“There can be no excuses, no justification and no weasel words in condemning violence or the threat of violence. On behalf of Alliance, I utterly condemn such threats without any reservation or qualification.”


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