Ford condemns McClenaghan murder

Alliance South Antrim MLA David Ford has condemned the murder of a pensioner near Antrim on Friday.

Joshua McClenaghan, 65, died after being beaten about the head at a house on Kilgavanagh Road.

Mr Ford said: “This was a brutal and nasty murder of a defenceless old man, and I unreservedly condemn those behind it. It is an unfortunate fact that elderly people are becoming more common targets for unscrupulous people, who, it seems, will stop at nothing in their criminal aims.”

“My sympathies go out to the family of Mr McClenaghan, and I would urge elderly people, particularly those in isolated areas to take extra precautions if suspicion is aroused by any unusual activity.”

“I would also ask anyone who may have information about this murder to help the police urgently.”


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