Ford commits to releasing tax returns

Alliance Leader David Ford has said while he is happy to release his tax returns, other parties should follow Alliance’s lead by also publishing details of their donors to ensure the maximum openness in local politics.

The South Antrim Assembly candidate said while he had nothing to hide in his finances, transparency was vital to regain public trust in politics.

“I am happy to release all information on my tax returns and will be speaking to my accountant to do so as quickly as possible. However, I can go better now and detail my income fully – it is derived solely from my work as an MLA and Minister, plus a small amount of interest from a building society savings account, minus the interest I pay on the mortgage on a small family farm. My entry on the Assembly Register of Members’ Interests is entirely accurate.

“Thanks to the actions of other parties, public confidence in politics has never been lower. If parties are genuinely serious about regaining that trust and removing the stench of corruption, they should follow Alliance’s example and release the names of their donors voluntarily, as we do.

“If we are to improve the levels of confidence in the political system, then we need to let the public know who is funding our political parties. If the veil of secrecy is not lifted, suspicion will only continue to fester among the public.”

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