Ford comments ahead of the first anniversary of the return of devolution

Alliance Leader David Ford has issued a statement on the eve of the first anniversary of the return of devolution to Stormont.

David Ford said: “I am pleased that devolution has seen its first birthday and it looks like its here to stay; however, I am less than pleased with the performance of the Ministers in the Stormont Executive. They have been unimaginative and have often lacked the vision and courage to take the decisions needed to improve Northern Ireland. They are meant to be making life better for local people but there is very little evidence that they have done this.

“Devolution is meant to be about delivery; however, this Executive has been more focused on delay instead of making real improvements. They have done absolutely nothing to deliver the shared future Northern Ireland needs to help it prosper.

“Alliance has real solutions to the real problems facing Northern Ireland. We are not afraid to make the radical decisions needed to boost the region. We have ambition, while the Executive often seems happy to settle for second-best.

“Alliance has a vision that involves ending segregation, re-balancing the economy and increasing sustainability across the board. This Executive always wants a quick fix but we are focused on what’s best in the long-term. The jury is still out on the Executive parties and I don’t believe that local people will deliver a favourable verdict on them.”


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