Ford Calls for Urgent Action by Governments

With Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern due to meet next week, Alliance Leader David Ford has called on the two Governments to take urgent action to work

with the parties to restore devolution in Northern Ireland.

David Ford said:

“The announcement that the Assembly election is to be postponed has grave repercussions for local democracy in Northern Ireland. But the prospects

of a normal election were severely damaged this week when Government spokesmen were not prepared to give a categorical assurance that the elections would proceed.

“The Governments must now give a speedy assurance that the inactions of the IRA will not be allowed to delay democracy further.

“There is a real danger that we will now settle into a period of stagnation over the summer months. If the Agreement is to be saved, this

cannot be allowed to happen.

“The Governments must engage seriously and soon with the parties, to ensure that the elections proceed in the autumn and that the Assembly is

restored. Democrats, not paramilitaries, must take the important decisions.”

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