Ford calls for talks to ensure devolution of justice delivers

Alliance Leader David Ford has today announced that he has written to the Assembly leaders of the other four main parties to call for early talks to deal with the challenges relating to the justice ministry. He said that irrespective of which party takes the ministry, there must be a clear vision on policy delivery for the new department.

David Ford said: “There are massive challenges facing the future justice ministry and these challenges cannot be ignored ahead of plans for devolution. They cover many areas, not just finance.

“I am asking for immediate talks on the issues to ensure that when devolution comes it will deliver for Northern Ireland.

“The parties must learn the lessons of the underperforming Executive and have a coherent plan of action for the department, so that whoever takes on the role can hit the ground running, confident that they have an agenda to operate effectively and make a real difference for the people.

“Irrespective of which party provides the Minister, it is essential we have a broad vision for what can be achieved in the interests of everyone here. I have written to the Assembly leaders of the SDLP, UUP, Sinn Fein and the DUP to call for meetings to address the challenges and ensure that the devolution of justice will work.”


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