Ford calls for leadership from Orange Order

Alliance Leader David Ford has called on the Orange Order to show leadership and help end the protests that have led to three nights of trouble in North Belfast. His comments follow a statement from the Orange Order in which they stated that the police had questions to answers over their handling of the disorder.

David Ford MLA said: “The Orange Order must show some leadership and use any influence they have to prevent more trouble.

“So far, some of the language used by individuals and groups on the Twelfth and in the run up to the Twelfth undoubtedly contributed to the situation which led to some people rioting.

“Now is the time for anybody who has any influence or any leadership to call off the protests and to ensure that no more young people get themselves a criminal record.

“However, the Orange Order’s statement does not go far enough in calming tensions in the area.

“There must be an acceptance of the need for some sort of parading regulatory body and in the absence of an alternative, all sides must therefore respect the determinations of the Parades Commission.

“All sections of our society must support the police, especially after so many officers were injured in attempting to maintain law and order.”


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