Ford calls for early start to Review

Speaking after his weekend meeting with the Secretary of State, Alliance Leader David Ford said that he had called for an early and speedy Review of the Agreement.

David Ford said:

“I pressed Mr Murphy to ensure that the Review of the Agreement which is now due should start as soon as possible and be as speedy as possible.

“The Secretary of State assured me that he will be writing to me and the other party leaders within a few days with his thoughts on this. I welcome his commitment.

“I do not believe that there is any point in alling an early meeting of the Assembly when it would clearly be impossible to elect a First Minister and Deputy First Minister under the current rules.

“Two years ago, Alliance warned that the current Assembly voting system, based on the Designation of MLAs, was no longer workable. The two Governments and the other parties failed to take action then, but this is now inevitable.

“There is no reason to believe that another election in only a few weeks time would make any substantial change to the membership of the Assembly.

“It is now up to those who have been given responsibility by the people of Northern Ireland to exercise that responsibility on behalf of the entire community.

“Alliance is determined to ensure that we conduct an intensive, realistic Review which deals with the current problems within the principles of the Agreement.”

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